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We perform a variety of partial and complete restoration services that range from rust and metal repair, abrasive blasting and cleaning, paint and body work, interiors, wiring, engine refresh and rebuilds, brake and suspension overhaul, and many other services depending on your vehicle's needs.   Most restorations bring a classic car back to factory original condition.  The end result often brings the finished car to its highest value.  We restore antique and classic cars and trucks as well as modern classics.

Freshly stripped and media blasted
A typical complete restoration is a time consuming job that can run 300 to 1000 labor hours or more depending on the amount of actual work required.   We begin this type of job by thoroughly discussing the customer's expectations and budget goals for the project.   All options are laid out ahead of time as well as potential costs and time lines.   It is important to be aware, it is always difficult to know exactly how much time and money it will take to restore your vehicle until it has been thoroughly inspected - most times this requires partial disassembly or stripping/abrasive blasting to uncover hidden rust or other problems.

Most restorations will include a complete disassembly of the car, stripping or abrasive blasting of frame and body -- at that point, a much clearer picture of what is needed is presented.   This can range from rust repair, floor pan or trunk pan replacement, rocker or quarter panel replacement, or any other body metal repair/replacement needed.   Next is primer, paint and reassembly of the vehicle using a combination of existing original parts and new replacements.  The budget for a project like this can vary widely so it's important to discuss and plan for it properly.

A Resto-Mod (restoration with modifications) is similar to a complete restoration but with certain modifications or upgrades above what the factory offered.   These can include engine upgrades, transmission conversions, brake or suspension upgrades, custom paint or any other modification that was not a stock option when the car was originally sold.   When a car is restored as a resto-mod, the vehicle's value may be impacted positively or negatively depending on the demand or collectibility factor of the car.   Do some research on your vehicle before deciding to move forward with a resto-mod - we are happy to assist you with the decision.

RestoModResto-Mods come in all shapes and sizes.  It really depends on what you want to do with your car.  For an original car of a desirable model or edition, with matching numbers drive-line, a resto-mod is not generally recommended.   This might be a better candidate for a restoration back to original spec.  We're happy to discuss the options with you.   A common decision is to upgrade a vehicle's brakes and suspension in order to be safer and more up to speed with modern technology.   Since modern technology has so much to offer an older vehicle, another popular upgrade is the retrofit of a later generation engine, transmission, or both.   The look of the body can be as wild as custom fabricated panels, vents, lights, etc. or as simple as changing the paint color to one used on more modern cars.

Partial Restorations are often the perfect plan for a vehicle that is in need of major mechanical repairs but the body and/or interior are in relatively good condition. Exterior paint can often be restored by wet sanding and polishing - small blemishes can sometimes be touched up or a paint blend can be used to refinish a small section on a fender hood or door.  If you can avoid body work and re-painting, you will save a significant amount of money to restore your vehicle. We perform many partial restorations, many times in chunks or phases. An example would be a classic car that has been sitting for a very long time - it will need fuel system work, brake work and no doubt at least a very thorough cleaning. We start with getting the car running again and stopping again, then evaluate the rest of the car to see what it will take to make it road worthy. If the vehicle only needs minor mechanical work and minor exterior work to get it looking good again, you will have saved untold amounts of money. When partial restorations are possible, they are huge money savers for getting classic cars back on the road again.

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