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Metal Fabrication and Rust Repair

One of the biggest challenges with restoring classic cars is dealing with rusted body panels and frames.  We are very experienced with rust repair and body panel replacement.  The typical beginning of a classic car restoration involves stripping all or most parts from a car, then media or abrasive blasting all paint and previous body filler from the entire body or areas to be repaired.  This is the point we we really know what we are dealing with and can accurately determine a plan of action.

Plasma Cutter Replace Floor PansAfter abrasive blasting, rusted metal is cut off and cut back to solid metal suitable for welding.  After assessing what's left, metal patch panels, replacement body panels or custom fabricated panels are welded into place.  This is usually step one before any body or paint work can be performed.

All cars are different and the damage may not be fully known until uncovered.  Until abrasive blasting has been performed, it is very difficult to determine the cost for all rust repairs.  We will discuss with you the best plan of attack for your particular situation.  

We also perform frame rust repair and patching as well.  The assessment process is similar to the body panel rust process - media blasting is normally required to accurately determine extent of damage.

Our metal/rust repair and welding services include:

  • Floor pan repair/replacement
  • Trunk floor repair/replacement
  • Frame rust repair/welding & fabrication
  • Wheelhouse replacement
  • Rocker repair/replacement
  • Quarter panel repair, patch, or replacement
  • Hood, deck lid, fender replacement
  • Custom metal fabrication and welding
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