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Bodywork and Paint

PRO-SPEED Autoworks can handle all of your vehicle's bodywork and paint needs. From minor touch ups to complete resprays and everything in between, we are happy to assist or advise to get your vehicle looking awesome again. We often perform bodywork and Bodywork and Paintpainting in conjunction with large restoration jobs and especially after panel or rust repair jobs. 

Meticulous bodywork is the foundation for a beautiful paint job and we take great pride in the quality of our results. We are not a typical collision shop which is what most body shops are. We don't have a cookie-cutter process for all body and paint jobs that come through our doors. Each job is different and requires a unique plan. Pricing is estimated specifically for each customer and is based on actual time and materials.

Call or email us to set up an appointment to discuss your paint project. Plan to email us some photos if the vehicle can not be driven to the shop for a live evaluation.

Many clients come to us asking for the cost to perform a complete repaint, but many times, the paint is in good enough condition to restore. We can provide a variety of touch up, paint blend, ding and dent removal, paintless dent removal, scratch and orange peel removal, wet sanding and buff and paint polish options. Depending on the condition of your vehicle's paint, you may be able to save thousands by going with a paint restoration strategy. Partial restoration is a popular option when possible due to its cost savings.

Classic Car Paint Jobs

Of course we offer complete paint jobs as well - when we discuss your project you will have many choices for the type of paint job, finish quality, paint products, color changes, engine bay painting and clear coat options.

PRO-SPEED can perform any type of standard or custom bodywork to meet just about any project's paint requirement. From boywork post rust repair or panel replacement to fiberglass and custom firewall smoothing and hole removal. Remove a spoiler and want the holes in the trunk filled?  Remove the side moldings and want to eliminate the holes left behind?  We can weld up the holes and bodywork them in prep for paint so they become invisible. Want a smooth firewall under the hood for a custom look? We can fill all unnecessary holes and smooth seams for a sleeker look. Contact us to discuss bodywork and paint options for your project.

  Classic Car Bodywork