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Our Services

We perform a variety of restoration services that range from rust and metal repair, abrasive blasting and cleaning, paint and body work, interiors, wiring, engine refresh and rebuilds, brake and suspension overhaul, and many other services depending on your vehicle's needs.  Most restorations bring a classic car back to factory original condition.  The end result often brings the finished car to its highest value.


A Resto-Mod (restoration with modifications) is similar to  a complete restoration but with certain modifications or upgrades above what the factory offered.  These can include engine upgrades, transmission conversions, brake or suspension upgrades, custom paint or any other modification that was not a stock option when the car was originally sold.  When a car is restored as a resto-mod, the vehicle's value may be impacted positively or negatively depending on the demand or collectibility factor of the car.  Do some research on your vehicle before deciding to go resto-mod - we can also assist with the decision.

Performance Modifications
We perform a variety of performance upgrades that range from engine upgrades, rebuilds, and swaps, suspension and brake upgrades/conversions, wheels and tires, turbo and supercharger kits, and gauges and tuning electronics.  Contact us to discuss options for your specific car.

Truck and Jeep Lift Kits
We perform many lift and leveling kits for Jeeps and 4x4 Trucks.  Suspension lifts, body lifts, leveling kits, spring upgrades, wheels, tires, and other custom modifications.  Contact us to discuss options on what is best for your truck or Jeep AND your budget.  We are a distributor for Rough Country lift kits and many other performance products. We also offer many wheel and tires options and can help you come up with the perfect combo for your rig.

Jeep Lifts and Accessories