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Auto Technician Wanted - Classic Cars, Custom Builds, Hot Rods (Chantilly)

PRO-SPEED Autoworks is seeking a junior-to-mid level, motivated auto technician with experience and a passion for working on classic and modern performance vehicles. Must be willing to learn. This is a *junior/mid level* position, candidate is responsible for handling a variety of tasks related to long and short term auto restoration projects, custom builds, smaller jobs and general assistance in the shop as needed. Duties include assisting more senior mechanics with certain repairs, performing small jobs such as oil changes, brake jobs, & fluid changes, moving/parking cars, washing cars, emptying trash, sweeping shop floor and general shop organization and cleanliness.

Experience with classic cars is a major plus. Training such as NoVa Votech, UTI or LTI is a plus.

Candidate should have some automotive shop experience (1-2 years ideally), some formal training or other hands on training/experience- must be well rounded and willing to learn. Knowledge of newer vehicles is as important as knowing the older ones. Auto, Hotrod, Truck, Jeep and Motorsports enthusiasts welcome.

IMPORTANT: Qualified candidates should *email* resume -or- detailed list of experience and training before scheduling an interview. Send resume to:

PRO-SPEED Autoworks is a specialty automotive garage performing a wide variety of automotive services but focusing on resto-mods, custom builds, classic cars, hot rods, modern performance, trucks, restorations, custom fabrication, vehicle upgrades and enhancements.

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